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Measuring 2 weeks ahead what does this mean

According to the calendar during most of my pregnancy I am 28 weeks today.  Went to the dr yesterday and I am measuring 30 weeks.  I should have asked the dr and I didn't . . . and they didn't change my due date - does this mean I am 30 weeks and should plan on delivering sooner than my original due date (would be 2 weeks sooner now).  Does anyone know???

Re: Measuring 2 weeks ahead what does this mean

  • Fundal height is just a measurement.  Most doctors don't even do it, and none of them really use it to indicate anything.  If you were measuring really ahead, they might check things out.  I measured 3 weeks ahead with DS and I still delivered a week late.  It has nothing to do with how far along you are.  That is based on your LMP and ultrasounds.  I am carrying twins this time and am measuring at least 8 weeks bigger than the average singleton pregnancy.  There are a myriad of reasons your stomach can be bigger or smaller.  Some people just carry more in their tummy than others.  Some people have more/less weight/fat to begin with that makes their tummy bigger/smaller.  There could be more baby.  Some babies are bigger than others.  Some small people have big babies and visa versa.  I wouldn't read too much into it.
  • I have been measuring 5 weeks ahead for the last 2+ months. It doesn't necessarily mean you'll have your baby 2 weeks ahead of time. (Or I would have had my baby 3 weeks ago!) I wouldn't worry about it. I think it's pretty normal.
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  • Nope. It means you still expect to go 2 weeks before or after your original due date and that you MIGHT have a slightly larger than avg baby. U/S estimates are NOTORIOUS for being off though - in terms of weight - particularly in the 3rd tri.

    My kids were both at least 1 full lb bigger than the docs estimated, but more often babies are much smaller than estimated (which is why you'll see so many bemoaning the idea of inducing due to anticipated large babies... it's often done only to find the baby was not nearly as big as feared).

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  • This is happening to me right now as well, I have consistently measured two weeks ahead of schedule. The only answers that I have gotten from my midwife are:

    a) the baby is going to be big, cut down on carb intake. or

    b) baby's grow faster when there is gestational diabetes playing a role.

    I had the glucose tolerance test, and I am not diabetic, so I guess thats not the issue. The midwife didnt seem concerned about it, and didnt move my due date up.

     I would love to know what everyone else has heard.


  • I'm measuring ahead but only by a week.  I do have gestational diabetes and a high level of amniotic fluid.  They haven't told me anything as far as what they may need to do, but I was told I will need another ultrasound to check both.  I really hope that doesn't mean they'll try to induce early, cuz I'll fight them on it.   
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  • No, it has nothing do due with due date, like they said. At 24 weeks I was measuring 5 weeks ahead. By 26 weeks I was measuring 7 weeks ahead....ultrasound confirmed polyhydramnios (too much amniotic fluid.) I am thankfully in the 60% who have it without any cause. Baby is perfectly healthy and at average size. Although the extra fluid can be caused by gd which I test for next tue. The only issue as of now is a possible need for c-section as she has more room to move around due to extra fluid = she is more able to get into a poor position for delivery. 
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