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I haven't read this far in Baby Bargains yet, but, I want to ask before I read so I "get it".

Okay, there are travel systems and those strollers that have the base and I *think* you buy a carseat for each milestone of baby.  (Newborn carseat, toddler carseat, etc...)

Am I correct on this?

As we were strolling through Babies R Us the other day, trying to get a handle on things, Brett sees no reason why you'd want something other than a travel system.  Logically, that seems right to me, but, I'm thinking we must be missing something.

Other than weight of a travel system, what are the differences between the two types of strollers?  Back when I was around my sister and cousin when they were registering, it was either a travel system, a jogger or an umbrella stoller.

Why do I feel so dumb with all of these baby items? 

Katy and Brett ~ Runaway Bay, Jamaica ~ October 4, 2008

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Re: Stroller Questions

  • MPO....I would just register for infant seat, jogging stroller and a convertible car seat.

    I have the City Mini which has an adapter that you can register for, fits the infant seat.

    I have the travel system and I never use it I only use it for walks around my complex I leave the city mini in my car. Depending on your child care situation you might want to get the travel system, cause you will be able to give them the big stroller and you can keep the jogging stroller in your car.

    I would also register for the snap and go or if you have a friend maybe you can borrow one.  

    I got the Evenflow Symphony (?) It goes from 5-65lbs.  for a convertible car seat.  



  • I have a snap N' Go and a Bumbleride Flyer. Snap N' go stayed in the car the first few weeks PP b/c I couldnt lift the stroller yet myself.

    I absolutely LOVE my stroller. It's not a travel system, as you buy your own carseat, but the carrier does fit in w/ an included adapter. I really wanted a Pram, and originally went to get the Bumbleride Queen B which is a Pram, but the flyer ended up being more of what I wanted. Its light weight, has a carrycot, reclines all the way down. I could go on and on...

    We use our stroller everyday. I usually dont take it in stores because E rides in the cart now, but we go to Disneyland a lot and use it there. The fully thing is I see more Bumblerides at disneyland that most strollers so I seems to work for a lot of people. They also have a jogger , the indie, that is compatable w/ carseats too.

    I looked at a lot of high end strollers, because I only wanted to buy a stroller once- my sister has had to buy 3 travel systems & 3 umbrellas in the 7 years because hers crapped out by the time she got her next baby. We dont take the best care of our stroller (beach, dland, park etc) but it still looks brand new. After looking at every stroller possible I narrowed it down to the Mutsey, Bugaboo, and the Bumbleride and decided on Bumbleride for the cost (lowest) and quality (highest of the 3, IMO)

    also try it helped me narrow down what strollers I wanted to spend time checking out, and they have tons of other product reviews tested out by moms w/ videos.

    um, wow, I should work for bumbleride, or at least get a free stroller.haha.


    K+S 9.18.9 | DD #1 age 2 | PG # 5 EDD 9.17.12

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  • From my personal experience, I've seriously only used our Travel System stroller a handful of times but I chalk that up to the fact that she's still in the carseat & I prefer to just Snap 'n Go instead of having to lug the BIG system around, I just use that for now.  Obviously, that will change once I don't lug her w/ the carseat around all the then, I am hoping to be able to get a much lighter weight stroller of some sort but not totally an umbrella stroller (if there is even such a thing).  Of course, the stroller that goes w/ the Travel system will be great for the days when we hit up the Zoo, Parks etc.  I'm not so sure that I have it all figured out & she's 4.5 months old aready!

    Soooo, did I answer your question or confuse you more?

  • You will want an infant carseat, then move up to a convertible carseat when they outgrow the infant. You can wait on buying the convertible because they won't need it for close to a year probably, especially if you get an infant one that goes up to 30 or 32 lbs. (of course you can register for it thouh!). I have a travel system and I like it (Chicco Cortina). A lot of people say it's unnecessary. I use the striker for the park, around the neighborhood, and the mall. I have a Maclaren umbrella stroller that I will switch to soon now that she can sit up, for everything except the mall. I got the travel system from a friend though so hard to say if I would have gotten it if I had to buy it. The strollers Barbara and Krissie are talking about are hundreds of dollars, and I am super cheap so I didn't even look at anything like that. Anyway, all that to say - read Baby Bargains. They do a good job of explaining the different kinds of strollers and break it down to what you will want for the kind of lifestyle you have. GL!
  • I have a travel system and I love it.  I got it when Rowen was born and I'm using it again this time.  I have used the stroller a ton (up until Rowen was 4) and it still looks great.  I find it very handy and I take it everywhere, and the price was great compared to other strollers and carseats (I have a Graco system). 
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  • We got a travel system which just seemed easiest. We got the Baby Trend system with jogging stroller. I really didn't like the stroller once she wasn't latched on it in her infant seat. Try gonig through Carter's with that big ass stroller! Or most other stores for that matter. I know joggers are typically for outdoors but why get 2 right off the bat? I now have a cute umbrella stroller that McK likes SO much better.

     In all my rambling, I'd say stay away from teh jogger travel systems unless you truly are going to be jogging, or lots of outdoorsy stuff.

    McK was in her infant carrier/seat until about 7 0r 8 months she's in an evenflo convertible seat.

  • imagehurricaneb-2-b:

     I now have a cute umbrella stroller that McK likes SO much better.

    What umbrella stroller do you have?  We have the huge travel system stroller and a City Mini, but I'd like to get a more compact umbrella one now.  I love the City Mini but it's just too bulky for some things.

  • We bought the big travel system at the beginning and it was just fine.  My complaints about the stroller were the bulkiness of it and it just didn't maneuver well at all.  It took 2 hands to steer.  (It's a Safety 1st and we got it for less than $200 at Costco.  It always got lots of complements.)  When C was 6 months and we were taking our first trip by plane we decided to downsize a bit to the City Mini.  Like Mary, we got the adapter for the baby carrier for it.  I've been using the CIty Mini exclusively now since December and it is great.  However now I'm ready to downsize to a smaller umbrella. 

    As for car seats, Caroline outgrew her carrier this summer and is now in a convertible.

    I don't know if my answer helps at all, but this is what we did.  If I could do it all over, I'm not sure if I would change it.  I really think the needs of the stroller change as they get older and for different applications - park, mall, etc.

  • I have a Jeep Liberty stroller that my SIL found at a garage sale in perfect condition for $25.  I love it.  It reclines all the way so you can put an infant in it, and our car seat also attaches to it (Graco).

    Everyone I talked to told me not to waste money on a travel system because they're bulky and heavy.  My stroller has 3 wheels and I can set it up, drive it, and fold it all with one hand.  It's also one of the only strollers I found that I don't kick the back of when I walk (but I'm way tall, you won't have that problem).

    As for the car seat right now DS is in a Graco Snugride, but I don't know how much longer I'll use it.  He's already so heavy that I can barely carry him around in it.  I think we'll probably switch to his Britax seat in the next couple of months.  I do know a lot of people use their infant seats for a lot longer than that, though.  DS is already almost 14lbs and I think the seat goes up to 30lbs, but I'm just not strong enough for that.

  • Thanks for asking this Katy, I've been doing research and had a lot of questions myself! 
  • I'm late to the party, but my answer is, while it largely depends on lifestyle, I personally super big puffy heart my coach and whill cry the day Lil miss outgrows it.

    We have the Graco Travel System in Deco.  I have no complaints about it and always get compliments when I take it out.

    Yes, you'll need a umbrella stroller for some instances, like say a doctor's appointment, where the coach would be to bulky.  But other than that, I take my coach everywhere.  It reclines, it has a larger (more water proof) shade, it has a basket, and CUPHOLDERS! for the all important java that keeps me going, I can hang my bags on it and it won't tip.  Plus thw cover/seat is removable - read washable- which is hugely important if your LO is a mess-maker like mine is.

    I love it, I really do, and I can not imagine going shopping without now. 

  • imagekaters1279:

    Why do I feel so dumb with all of these baby items?

    Because you have too many options!  Actually I'm not kidding.  I'm trying to help a friend through it (she's 22 weeks) right now.

    What we did was based on price and vehicle issues.  I have a small truck so I needed a stroller that would fold up that I could put in the extended cab.  Which excluded almost every travel system available either because of the bulk of it or the weight of it.  So we did what the Baby Bargins book recommended and bought a stroller frame.  We got a Jeep one because it had bigger wheels than the Graco which I thought might come in handy more  when visiting the grandparents in Minnesota in the winter not to mention just walking around our neighborhood that's not fully complete yet.  Not sure if my guess will pan out yet but I'll find out soon.  Also for us doing it this way didn't save us any money because the combined car seat & stroller frame cost pretty close to what a travel system would cost (all components new).

    Since we bought the graco snugride 35 we're not expecting to need to buy a convertible car seat for a while.  Some people only do the convertible car seat that goes from 5-40 pounds or so.  The downside is you would have to take the baby out if he/she is sleeping in the car and possibly wake baby up when you wouldn't need to wake baby up.  The snugride 35 will be heavy when the kid is 30 pounds and the car seat is ~10 pounds but I'm thinking I only absolutely have to move kid from car to stroller and then if I'm at home I can take the kid out.  As mentioned before we'll see how well that works.  At that point I'm assuming we'll be at an umbrella stroller anyway.

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