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diaper rash?

my daughter has some red places on her vagina that almost look like pimples, is this still diaper rash. It isn't all over, just a few little places, and she doesn't have it anywhere else. She has had some typical redness that I have treated before, but this was new to me, and after googling and not really finding much I thought I would ask here. No matter what it is if it isn't gone by tomorrow I will call the pedi, even though she has her 6 month checkup on monday.  TIA

Re: diaper rash?

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    DD has had that before - I just smothered on the diaper cream and it went away. 
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    DD had this a few months ago. it turned out to be a little yeast infection. The pedi told me to dab on a little Lotrimin twice a day and it cleared it right up quickly. I would check with your pedi first, but that's what it sounds like to me. I tried to diaper rash cream too and it didn't help.

    Good Luck

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