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Just had to experience Children's Methodist Hospital...

with DD and it is such a nice place! DD spiked a fever out of now where yest and it quickly rose to 104.9 (even with Tylenol given the hour before and a bath). We were transferred from Goodnight Pediatrics to the hospital ER for further evaluation. DD had to get an IV, bloodwork and blood cultures, cath urine specimen, chest xray and a strep culture. She was septic at 7mo old from Salmonella so I felt like we were re-living everything ALL over again :'( The only test we didn't have to go thru again was a spinal tap (thank goodness!)

We were sent home at 1am and told we had to wait for the blood cultures to grow (48 hours). We did have a follow up with our primary pedi this morning and got antibiotic coverage till results come in.

All in all, the nurses and DR. on call were all VERY nice. 

Re: Just had to experience Children's Methodist Hospital...

  • We've been there too, after DS fell off the couch, hit his head, and was lethargic and vomiting.  I was also very impressed by the immediate attention given to my son and the level of care he received.
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  • Aw, poor baby. Glad she's okay and glad you had a great experience!!! 
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