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? about where to live near the airport...

Hi Ladies! I posted on here a while ago asking about where to live in the Hilsboro area because DH had been working there (we live in the Seattle area now) but the new job they started (construction company) is at the Portland Airport. He just found out on Friday that as of Monday he will no longer be able to expense his hotel stays to the company because they will be paying him an extra amount per day for living expenses. So.... we need to find an apartment ASAP so we aren't wasting all the extra $ on a hotel every night. My ? is where do we want to live that has a quick commute to the airport and isn't super expensive. We want a 1 bd, 1 bath that isn't more than 850 a month. DH will be working there until February so it's not permanent. We are keeping our house here in WA, but if we can find an affordable place down there, I'll be able to quit my job so DD and I can come down with DH until February. I've tried looking on Craigslist, but don't really know where certain areas are.

 Sorry that my post was so long. :) Thanks for any advice!!!!

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Re: ? about where to live near the airport...

  • Oh... we are also going to need some new friends! :)
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  • The area by the airport isn't very nice, it's really industrial. You should look in N Portland. Maybe off Columbia Blvd, or the Parkrose Area...? Also Vancouver might be easy for you.
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  • imageThe_Jen626:
    The area by the airport isn't very nice, it's really industrial. You should look in N Portland. Maybe off Columbia Blvd, or the Parkrose Area...? Also Vancouver might be easy for you.

    I was wondering about that... I thought it might not be very nice by the airport. I will look at the areas you suggested! Thanks!

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  • I wouldn't normally suggest Vancouver, but it sounds like it would meet your needs.  Find a place close to the 205 and getting to the airport would be easy.  I have never looked, but I would guess it to be cheaper than Portland.  
  • I am about 10 minutes from PDX. I am off 65th and Halsey area. The neighborhood is called Rose City Park. My apts are in a nice neighborhood, right by the park, and right off 84. Pretty quiet and the management is the best I ahve ever had. Hardwoods, pet friendly, etc. Let me know if you have any other questions!

    You could get a 2 bedroom for what you wanna pay!

    If you are interested:



  • I actually just moved to the Seattle area, but I was living in Vancouver, just off 205.  We were living in The Park at Mill Plain.  The apartments there are quite nice.  I used to work next to the airport and it only took me about 15-20 min. to get to work each day.  Another added bonus is that it is right off Mill Plain which has just about anything and everything you could want.  Shopping, Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Movie Theaters, Fitness Centers, etc.  In the 4 years we lived there, we hardly ever ventured off of Mill Plain.  

    We were renting a 2 bed 1 bath on the 3rd floor with vaulted ceilings for $823/month.  The apartments are fairly new and nicely maintained, plus they also have gas heat and AC which is really nice!  Just something to note though, they do require a 60 day notice to move out.  This became a problem for us when DH got transfered to Gig Harbor when I was 7 mos. pregnant.  Now we are now paying for an apt. through Sept. that no one lives in. (long story short, it was $23 dollars more for us to stick it out to the end of our lease vs. breaking our lease, so we decided to take our time getting our things out and cleaning)


  • http://realestate.yahoo.com/Oregon/Portland/6905-ne-hancock-st:332838c8cf79fc0dadedbbbda9aa2c/model-1a

     Before we got married and got a house we rented at the Binford apartments in NE Portland. It is a great townhome style apartment with old feel features. All the apartments open to the back which is a circle with a huge open grassy, play area in the middle. The middle is locked so no one can go and come. You have to go back through your house to get out. The management is so great and friendly and it has been passed from one generation to another over the years. We had a 2 bed, 1 bath and it felt huge. It is also right across the street from a golf course that has a 1 mile hiking trail for walks and a park for your little one. We actually still go back to visit the trail and park. It is also just 10 minutes away from the airport without having to get on highways which is huge during rush hour traffic. it is also about 10 blocks away from the MAX in case you only have 1 vehicle. The airport area is accessible to the MAX. The Binford has a pool for the hot months as well. If you want some pictures, just let me know and I can go back through my pictures and send you some.

  • Thank you so much ladies this really helps!!!
    E. 1.27.10, C. 11.1.11
  • Living in Vancouver and traveling into Portland sucks. Especially with the bridge work on the 205. I'd say that if you find a place in Portland, it will make your life easier and less stressful. Craigslist is kind of confusing because it goes by counties. If your looking for apartments, you should use apartment finder.com You can often google map to compare the distance between apt and pdx. If you can't find ur price range in Portland then try for Vancouver as a last resort. 
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  • I live in the Binford Townhomes now and would highly recommend them:)

    Lots of children and they are affordable and right near lots of things.


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