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Insurance changes for Tennessee teachers

Is anyone here a teacher in Tennessee?  I am freaking out due to the changes that are being forced upon us in September.  From what I can tell, I am going to have to shell out an arm and a leg to deliver my baby in March.  If my insurance was not being changed, I would have only had to pay $100 total.  Any help on this matter will be greatly appreciated!!!

Re: Insurance changes for Tennessee teachers

  • Yes, the new insurance completely stinks! Luckily I am due in November, but I feel for you! The changes are as follows (in my understanding): have to pay a co-pay at dr. appts and meet a deductible for hospital/specialist visits. Also in looking at the monthly fees, BCBS is $20 less per month. So, be sure to check to see if your provider is covered under whichever carrier you choose to use. Let me know if you have any other questions. I will try to help!
  • Yes I am right there with you.  My baby is also due in March.  I have already had to pay a $350 copay (this is minimun may have to pay $350 more) to my dr for delivery fees.  And then on top of that it is either 10 or 20% percent of the hospital stay from what I have been told.  This is very discouraging.  I called the State HR dept and complained but basically nothing can be done at his point.  Have you decided what package you are going to take?

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