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baby morpher tool

Anyone use this yet? I just got the email to try it from thebump. It's too funny! And ugly... I told future baby not to worry, and that he or she will never, ever look like that!

Re: baby morpher tool

  • Just checked it out, however, it didn't like the photo I picked out, and I don't have patience to play with it. I'm exhausted.
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  • husband and I laughed really hard at our ugly babies :) 

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  • just tried it... Our poor little tyke is gonna be a total troll! lol!!!

  • I thought I was just destined to have a REALLY ugly baby.  My baby looked like a midget that had been on a 3 week bender.  It had stubble... stubble on my baby... and it was a girl!

    I'm going to have nightmares about my poor LO looking like that thing. 

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  • I was afraid I was the only one to get an ugly baby!!!!
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  • No worries! I think they are all terribly ugly in that generator. I even tried more than once!
  • I checked it out and it was hilarious!  My DH told me to keep the baby in longer that it wasnt done yet.

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  • How do you use it? I cannot find it

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