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Need recs for an OBGYN and Pediatrician

We are switching insurance on the 1st and I need to find a OBGYN.  I would LOVE if they were in to homeopathic stuff.  Same thing with the Pediatrician.  Or if you can recommend a Naturopath.  Thank you!
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Re: Need recs for an OBGYN and Pediatrician

  • I love love love love my OB, I've seen him for years and will miss him terribly.. But he's not a naturopath at all.. But if you're interested, he's Damon Warhus @ Womens Healthcare Associates.

    We also see Kirsten Crowley @ Providence for Morgan's stuff.. she's awesome as some other moms can agree with me on :)

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  • I love my OB Dr. Carol Suzuki with Good Sam and our Pediatrician is Dr. Rydell with the Beaverton Medical Center.
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  • LOVE my OB. Alison Edelman at OHSU.

    We dig our Pedi a LOT too... but he's at PPMC, so too far for a westsider!

  • Dr Warhus is really good, also, if you are into the homeopathic stuff.....there are certified nurse midwives in his practice.  They are all wonderful, but I saw Helen Welch CNM.  She is amazing, has won a few awards.....I could go on and on :)  Love her. 

    Our Pedi is Paul Thomas and while I'm not 100% thrilled with him, we see the PNP in his practice, Mallory and LOVE LOVE LOVE her too :)  HTH.

    Miss you!

  • We love Mallory too!!!
  • I would stay away from a dr. named diana gill i had the WORST experience with her ever, i ended up getting 2 infections and having to get my stitches replaced 4 times it was horrible and i wasnt doing anything i wasnt suppose to pp
  • Check with Women's Healthcare Associates

    I don't know if they have what you're looking for, but you could call and ask.  I've been going there for 4 years and they've been great.  Love my OBGYN, Dr. Johnson, but they've got many many doctors to choose from there.

  • I LOVED my OB - Dr. Jeffrey Penikas at Columbia Women's clinic - he's awesome at listening to what you want.

     Our pediatrician has been seeing kids in my family for 15 years - and we couldn't think of going anywhere else - it is Dr. Michael Erickson at Sunset Pediatrics. All the doctors are great there - but Dr. Erickson is just so wonderful and caring with the kids and great with parent communication.

    Good luck!

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