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Visiting Sea World - what to bring?

H, DS and I are going to visit Sea World and it has been about 15 or so years since I went so I'm trying to think of what to take?  DS will do some of the stuff in the Lost Lagoon I think (he is about 32 inches tall +/-) and we will do some of the exhibits, etc.  What do I need to bring?  I'm trying to get organized.  So far I have swim diaper(s), towel, water shoes (?), sunblock, hat, glasses, swimsuit, and while he doesn't like the stroller, I'm bringing our small umbrella stroller to hold the stuff.  Should I pack this in a backpack?  I have some totes but I'd rather be able to wear it on my back I think?  And I have a small drink thing from DS's bottles that I can put some sippies, water bottles, etc.  The website says up to a 6 pack cooler size is allowed and this is about half that (holds 3 sippies of standard size).  What else?  And I need a good waterproof camera because I'm not risking my good digital - any ideas?  TIA
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Re: Visiting Sea World - what to bring?

  • In case you did not know, you are allowed to go back and forth to your car throughout the day.  So if you want a bigger cooler and such you can store it in your car.
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  • Also if he doesn't like the stroller you can bring a wagon if you have one. Lots of people pull their kiddos around in a wagon. That way you can put some of your stuff in the wagon and not have to carry stuff on your back.

    Extra clothes of course.

    Hmm cant think of much else. I wasnt terribly impressed with sea world this year, thank goodness we used our free military tickets.  FWIW we didnt do the water park, so maybe thats better.

    Have fun!

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