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Does anyone else have a night owl?

I'm a lurker, but I could really use some advice or at least encouragement regarding LO's sleep schedule.  She'll be 5 months old next week and I'm frustrated by her late bedtimes.  For the first month or so, she would stay up until 4 AM.  By two months, she would STTN, but her bedtime was around 2 AM.  She continued to make gradual progress so her bedtime was between 12 and 1 AM, but now she seems to have stalled out, or even regressed.     

Typical day for LO: 

I usually wake her around 8:00 to nurse before I go to work.  At 9:30 she naps for about 2 hours.  She usually eats every 3 hours for a total of 6 feedings per day.  Her naps vary in the afternoon and evening, but she typically takes one in the early afternoon (45 min - 1 hr) and then two or three catnaps (20-30 minutes) spread thoughout the late afternoon and evening.  Her last feeding is at 11:00 and she goes to bed anytime between midnight and 1:30 AM.

Once we get her to sleep, she will sleep until morning (hooray!), but how can I encourage her to fall asleep earlier?  Honestly, she is wide awake and happy at night.  Has anyone had a similar experience?  We'll consider some type of sleep training at 6 months, but I don't see how training can work if she is simply not tired at night.

Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance for your help.

Re: Does anyone else have a night owl?

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    I also have a night owl. We just managed to get her bed time to 12. Personally I consider it good enough because of the 3 am it was before. But to get her there we had to do some self soothing. I started a night-time routine and would lay her in her crib when it was all finished. We did not go into get her unless she was crying. My pedi said to do a minute for however many months your LO is. We started using the seahorse at night as well when she would get drowsy and now when we turn it on in the crib she almost instantly gets sleepy. 

    I don't know how much help that is but GL!! 

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