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I hate Biter Biscuits!

Sabrina choked on one today. I'm actually still quite upset about it. I gave her one after she had some fruit and I turned my back to wash some bottles and I hear this gagging sound, turn around, and her face was all red, her mouth open like she was coughing, but nothing would come out.

SHE'S CHOKING!!! I screamed at the top of my lungs to DH in the other room.

I lunged toward the high chair and yanked her out (THANK GOD I DIDNT HAVE HER FASTENED IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and started pounding on her back.

DH came in and I gave her to him and again, hysterically, told him she was choking on a effing biter biscuit (she was making NO sounds despite my banging on her back).

He pounded on her back until she puked up everything.

She was/is FINE.
Seriously. Acted like nothing happened after she puked. DH took her in the other room and just kind snuggled with her but she just wanted to play.

I stayed in the kitchen and effing cried. Hard.

I honestly don't think about bad stuff happening to her much out of the normal bruised knee here and there... so when this happened, I just kind of lost it. I mean, I just can't fathom losing her.
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Re: I hate Biter Biscuits!

  • Oh I am so sorry you had to go through this! It is so tramatic. Big hugs!!
  • How scary!!  (((HUGS)))

    I'm so glad Sabrina is OK.  It's hard as parents to remember we have to watch them like a hawk.  I've turned away from Aaron with Cheerios only to have him gag (not choke, because he was coughing) and spit them up, so I know how quickly something like that can happen.

    I remember a friend saying to me (about her now 8 year old) that she couldn't turn her back on him for a second... it's so true.

    And I had to look up "biter biscuits" because I had no idea what they were. While any baby can choke, I think these teething biscuits are meant for older babies (the Gerber site says 10+ months). I still haven't given anything like this to Aaron?though he's had Mum Mums and they dissolve like Puffs do.




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    Ugh, I'm so sorry you had such a traumatic ordeal!  I will say there have been a few times with each kid that I've had to pull and pound the back.  Both fortunately coughed up what it was but yeah, it's just a learning process.  And FWIW, teething biscuits make a huge mess anyway.  Ditto Robyn on the mum-mums (Walmart of all places has them -- they melt easily) and puffs.  Hang in there!!  Left Hug

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  • How scary.  I nearly cried just reading that posting.  I am glad that mommy and baby are alright.  Thank goodness they do not have very long memories at this age. 
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  • I know exactly how you feel!  I had this same scenario (and posted about it) a few months ago.  I'm so glad you and Sabrina are O.K.  I know what you mean about those biter biscuits.  I tried them once with Caleb and he bit off a big chunk, so (like PPs said), I stick to the puffs and mum-mums.  I hope you're feeling better.
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  • Oh my gosh. I am so sorry you had that happen. It must have been so scary. Hope today is a better day. Hugs.


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  • Yeah, those biscuits are kind of hard to eat for a baby under 10 months. I give them to Adrian now, but he's 11 months. Thank God Sabrina is fine, how scary!
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  • Oh Christina!  Are you feeling better?  I read this last night and I kid you not, Ellie woke up screaming as I finished.  Normally, I'd let her fuss and soothe herself back to sleep, but I scooped her up and we just rocked and rocked!  Glad everyone is OK!
  • I am so glad Sabrina is okay and I hope you are on your way to feeling better. 
  • I am so sorry and glad everything turned out ok!
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