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how often do you bath your LO

My DD is only 11 days old. How often should I be bathing her. Her skin looks dry so I don't want to do it too often
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Re: how often do you bath your LO

  • We bathe her every night as part of her routine - we use a lavendar calming soap that helps calm her down too.
  • DD gets a full bath every 3 days (too often and you get rid of their natural oils and good bacteria!). In between we just do a quick water sponge bath (no soap) if she has been spitting up or really sweaty.

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  • Every other evening!

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  • As of 2 weeks, I started to bathe him everyday. I chose to do that because he sleeps better and longer at night. Now it seems that he knows that after bath time, its bed time. I feed him and his out.
  • At 11  days we were bathing every other day or every two days. Now it is every day for routine's sake...and due to tons of spit up.

    Do you lotion baby after every bath? 

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  • My doctor recommended we only bathe twice a week or so, DD has sensitive skin and he said too much bathing would dry it out, we occassionally take a bath together.  Otherwise we wipe off any spit up, etc.  Babies don't really get very dirty.
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  • we bathe every other night. i put a bit of baby oil in the water to keep his skin from getting too dry, and we lotion after each bath. dd has very sensitive skin and we dealt with eczema all winter and spring, so i'm basically assuming that ds will be just as sensitive.
  • Only every 3 days or so.  I "spot clean" as needed for spit up, etc.

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    We bathe her every night as part of her routine - we use a lavendar calming soap that helps calm her down too.

    This, but we use soap every other night.


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  • Every other day/night...with the Johnson and Johnson's head to toe.  Our doctor said not to use lotion right now because the dry skin is normal (ben looks like he's peeling).  It has gotten better with each bath though.  Today it was very minimal.
  • At 11 days I started bathing him e/o day until his dry skin flaked off on it's own. I used California Baby shampoo/wash but no moisturizer/lotion afterward and it took about a month. Now I bathe him every day (unless something comes up and I can't fit it in) because his neck and thigh folds get so gross in this humid heat that he smells likes cheese by the end of a day :( Blech.

    I do use lotion now after baths but only on his tummy, his feet, and the front of legs (I don't want any fragrance-y stuff to further irritate his folds)'s more to just give him the experience of touch and massage than anything. He loves bath time and after one he always falls asleep much quicker :)

  • I do a bath every night because he sleeps so much better after and because he loves bath time.  When he was still dry/peeling we only did baths every other day or every 3rd day, though.
  • At that age we were bathing her every two to three days and wiping down and face and neck (and anywhere else that needed it) with a rag daily.

    At about 6 or 7 weeks we started bathing her daily. She absolutely loves it and it calms her down - she had colic and has acid reflux. Our pedi said to do whatever makes her happy and cut back on baths if dry skin was an issue.


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  • Every two to three days until she starts crawling and getting into stuff. I spot clean every day though.  But unlike others here, I do it in the mornings. it seems to energize my baby! My pedi says this happens and so I bathe her around noon every day then she has play time and then eating and nap time. It works great for us!
  • image allyandpat2010:
    Every other evening!

    This. Unless she's had messy day. ;)

  • Usually every other day (unless there's a major poo blowout). I moisturize her after with Mustela lotion.


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