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One twin losing interest in nursing...

Thanks for reading-I also posted on the multiples board but wanted to see if anyone over here might have some advice.

My girls turn 1 next week, and one has started losing interest in nursing.  Not a full strike...she latches and will start nursing but pulls off after about 45 seconds.  She is teething, so I am hoping that this is a temporary thing, but tonight, I had one nursing and fed the other with a sippy of formula in tandem.  I don't mind waiting it out for a few days, but this is so tough-I am not ready to stop nursing, and neither is the other baby.  Have you been in this situation, and if so, what did you do?  Thanks.  :)

Re: One twin losing interest in nursing...

  • I was not in this situation with twins, but my DS stopped wanting to nurse at 7 months.  Finally after fighting with him for a month, at 8 months I gave in and started EPing and bottle feeding him.  If he would've been a year at the time I would've just switched him to cows milk.

    If i were you I'd let her do what she wants.  If she'd rather have a sippy of milk or formula let her have it while nursing your other DD.  Your supply will adjust or you never know, she may feel left out if she sees her sister continuing to nurse and want to do it again.

    It took some time, but I've realized nursing is not for me, it is for my son.  If he was finished it was unfair of me to force it on him, kwim?

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