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? about CD detergent recipe on EFF blog

how much do you use per load? Is it two tablespoons?

What about if I have hard water, does that change the recipe at all?

now do you wash LO's clothes in this detergent, too or do you use the formula with the ivory soap added? i bought a jug of Dreft but want to make my own detergent when that runs out.

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Re: ? about CD detergent recipe on EFF blog

  • You'll use 2T. total, but 1T will go in your first spin cycle and once that is over the second 1T will go in the full hot wash. 

    For baby clothes I'm sure you could use the CD formula.  I mean if its good enough to clean poop then it's good enough for baby clothes!  I'm still working through a jug of Dreft also so I have no firsthand exprience with washing clothes with it.

    I'm not sure about hard water either.  I would guess that our water is "normal" and I;ve been using this recipe for seveal weeks now with great results.


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  • I use 1 T in the first wash, 1 T in the 2nd.

    For laundry you can add soap and use 1-2T but you don't have to add soap.  It'll still work well w/out it.  I think it just works a little better with it.

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  • I haven't actually used it for CDs yet, but we've been using it for our clothes and LOs clothes and we just use the 2T.
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  • I use 1-2 T in my cycles.  I use the other formula for ours and baby clothes.  I love it
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