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When should I start building a supply??

I'm EBF and have introduced a bottle already, but I only was pumping enough for a quick bottle for my husband to feed baby.. I'll be going back to work in less than 2 months and would curious how early I should start stocking my freezer? Does anyone have a good pumping schedule to start a supply? I suppose I could pump an extra time each morning, but I want to make sure that will create a big enough amount. Any advice would be great!

Re: When should I start building a supply??

  • I started when DS was about a week old.  I have a few in the freezer for now just in case I have to run errands or something, but it's also the groundwork for my stash because I go back in less than three weeks.  I just bought a new pump last night bc mine wasn't working very well, so I'm probably going to try pumping at least twice a day between feedings to get more stashed away.
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