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When did your preemie start teething?

So two out of three DS have been really weird, not wanting binkie but wanted to chew on everything, cranky, slightly warm and drooling up a storm.  It seems like teething but it seems way to early at 4 months/2 months adjusted. 
When did your preemie start teething?
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Re: When did your preemie start teething?

  • When my son was that little, he started the drool monster bit at 4 months (2 adjusted). I think that the first tooth didnt sprout until 6 months maybe?? And even then, we got em in in crops. 2 sometimes 4 teeth at a time.
  • That is about the time DS started teething.  I thought it was crazy early, but some kids start really young.  He had a full set of chompers before he was one. 
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  • We swore that he was getting his first teeth at 4.5 months, he had all of the teething signs but he didn't actually cut his first tooth until 7.5 months.
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  • first teeth popped through at 6 mo adjusted!
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  • My DS is the same way. Chews on everything, drool buckets..has done this for months. But no teeth yet.

  • LO's about 4.5 months (actual) [ex.30wker]  - and doing these same things. I've chalked it up to teething .. the other night i got a good look and it looks like he's cutting the front toooth in a little bit.
    I'm gonna call our pedi see if he wants to check it out..because sometimes he does seem a little warm (despite summer we have a/c so its cold inside)

    We just got to a sleeping pattern, but he's been sucha grumpy gus ; and i hate hearing him cry.

    teething is going to suck!!!!

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