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? about travelling with baby...

I'm planning a trip to Chicago to visit family when Betty Jane is about 5 months and I'm just wondering what y'all do in terms of car seats. I know you can rent cars with car seats in them, but since I'm visiting family I won't need to rent a car. If my mom is picking me up I suppose I need to bring the car seat and the base with me and install it in my mom's car at the airport, huh? Just wondering what all my options are and would love to hear your suggestions. I'm trying to pack light, but I don't know if that's possible with a baby.

Thanks Ladies!

Re: ? about travelling with baby...

  • We flew to Florida when Fiona was 6 months and brought a light weight stroller and her car seat with base. It was checked baggage (free) so we were rid of it as soon as we got our boarding passes.
  • With some carseats you do not have to use their base. If yours is like this and you are comfortable with just using the seat, leaving the base at home might make it a little easier. I think they just have a slot for the seatbelt so it would make installation a little quicker at the airport. Also, depending on the seat and car - it might be safer than using seat and base if its easy to install your carseat + base incorrectly. Some are easier than others. I think I would also check with her and make sure she knows which seat is safest in her car. Sometimes the manufacter will recommend to/not to use the passenger seat (as opposed to the middle, etc).


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  • You don't need a car seat base. You can just take the car seat by itself, check it with the luggage (unless you bought a plane seat for the baby) and then use the car seat with the car's seat belts. I think most infant seats can be attached like this so check the manual. Or if you don't want to carry the seat, tell your mom to buy a car seat at Walmart, they have a Costco brand that's top-rated and only costs about $45. It's worth buying it so you have one less thing to carry. When I traveled I only took the baby, stroller (which you gate check) and a small bag on board.
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  • I took the seat without the base, and the instructions, when we flew. 
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