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Question about babyshower date!!

A friend of mine asked to throw my babyshower, but she asked to have it at my home but I told her no because I only have a small home.  She stated that renting a hall is a bit expensive and I volunteered to cover the cost and it's just between the 2 of us.

When we talked about dates last night (because the hall needs to be booked about 3-4 months before) she said she wanted to throw it in January and asked my opinion. But I stated how I would like to have it the end of November. She asked me why and I told her that my Husband gets laid off for the winter starting in December and anything we need for the baby we'd like to buy before he is finished work. Also the fact that my son was a month premature and I was not prepared, I had nothing when he was born. This time i'd like to be more prepared.  Also my MIL will be here in November and goes back home (which is a different province) the beginning of December.

She told me before we got off the phone to consider the babyshower in January instead of the end of November.

When DS was early we ended up having to buy a bunch of things, and then 3 weeks later when my MIL had my babyshower I got everything I bought again.  Both our families and friends all told us this time as well not to buy a thing for the baby until the babyshower.

Should I just have a babyshower in January and purchase the few things I know I'll need if I go in labour early?

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  • Why is she so set on January? 

    I fully understand your concerns and as you're due in mid February ... yeah, I'd want it earlier than that. 


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  • imageEastCoastBride:

    Why is she so set on January? 

    She said she thinks the November is early for a babyshower.  Also I'm due Feb. 14th but I have to have a scheduled c/s so this LO will be born around the beginning of Feb my doctor said if I don't go in labour before.

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  • Based on your issues, it's not too early.  And no one would think that.  Be firm and tell her:

    * there is a chance you're going to go early and if you have a choice between your shower being "early" or you not being at the shower at all - you'd rather have it early.

    * based on your financial situation, waiting until January is going to be a burden.

    * that its' REALLY important to you that your MIL be able to come.

    And if you want to play hardball, you could even say "January isn't going to work for me.  If you can't do it in November, then we'll unfortuantely have to just not have one.".  But there is a chance that she'll just say "oh- ok.".

    "Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."
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  • I don't think that is too early.  I am having my first shower this weekend, and I will be almost 31 weeks, which is about where you will be for you shower at the end of the November.

    Based on your MIL being there, your husbands job situation and the possibility for an early labor (I have heard that the 2nd one usually comes even earlier than the first) I think November is the good choice.

    Just nicely tell her that January really doesn't work for you and November would be the best for the family that would like to come and for you to be prepared. I think once you lay out all of your reasoning and her only reason is that "November is too early" you win.

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  • I am having mine in November b/c i'm due in January but also soo its b4 all the holidays.  Also b/c people usually having a hard time getting away for the holidays & therefor u wont have to mess with all of that.
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