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new here - intro

hi! :: waves ::

i've been lurking for a while, and finally making an intro. =)

i have nine month old twins - my son is being evaluated by a few specialists right now.  he was born with a duplicate thumb on his left hand, which was removed surgically at 6 months, but his remaining thumb is constricted and the lower bone is rotated/twisting. he also had torticollis at 2 months old, along with a hydrocele and heart murmur, so we see urology and cardiology.

he has always been behind his twin developmentally (so hard not to compare) but he has been 4-6 weeks behind her in sitting, crawling, etc.  we're currently going through EI for PT (gross and fine motor delay) and ST (speech delay, oral aversions). 

we're being followed by neurology for tremors/shaking episodes that we thought were infantile spasms - EEG and MRI were both normal.  our next step is seeing genetics, to see if there is some sort of syndrome that can tie all of his "little" things together into one diagnosis.

sorry if it's info overload.  but hopefully i'll have something to contribute here. =)

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