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BFing moms, when did you introduce solids?

Libby's starving! She's still nursing well, gaining well, etc, but she's seriously interested in solids. Last night, she helped herself to a slice of cucumber and was frantically sucking/licking away on it. She's nursing a lot more often in the days, and she just looks so interested in real food.

Anyway, we'd been planning to wait until 6 mo before introducing solids. Now I'm not so sure. When did you introduce solids and why? How did it all go? Any suggestions for us? Thanks!

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Re: BFing moms, when did you introduce solids?

  • We did some at 5 months, for the reasons you talked about. She was just so interested in our food. She even cried once when I wouldn't let her have my sandwich. We just did a little once a day and not even everyday necessarily. Once she hit 6 months we started doing more and she is just now really getting into eating.

    As long as you nurse first then offer the solids, you should be OK. The key is too make sure she isn't getting less BM at this stage.

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  • rsd12rsd12 member

    I think around 5 months, we were going to try to hold out till 6 months - but he was hungry all the time!  At first it was not so successful, at 6 months he started loving it!

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  • Thanks, ladies! We'll start small amounts/tasting stuff today! I'm off to Target for baby spoons etc.
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  • Our pedi said to start at our 4 month visit - we started about 2 weeks later, and with oatmeal cereal instead of rice.  The not so new, but don't seem to be updated on many sites, AAP guidelines actually recommend starting at 4 months.  Pedi said it's all about the eating experience until about 9 months and we've been having fun, and Ellie loves it - most of the time.  We do two meals a day and a snack around lunch time, since BM is still to be her primary source of nutrition.  GL
  • M.AmyM.Amy member

    Start off with the baby rice cereal and then after three days move onto the oatmeal.  The idea is that you need to wait three days between new foods to make sure there are no allergic reactions.

    I second the comment around getting enough milk.  It should be milk first then food.


    Good luck!

  • steverstever member
    Started solids at 6 months and he was really, really ready.
  • We started at 6 months exactly with brown rice cereal.  But she didn't really get into eating until we started with the first vegetable a couple of weeks later.
  • We didn't quite make it to six months, Margaux was all puppy dog eyes and drooling when we would eat.  We started her on rice cereal, and only about a tablespoon to start.  Even now, she eats more for practice and to try new foods than for actual sustenance.
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  • We started at 4 months - did rice cereal for about a week/week and a half, then started veggies.  I was so desparate to get her to sleep longer at night (she was waking 2-3 times), that I was more than happy to get her started on some more calories.  She has done wonderfully and there isn't a food she's turned her nose up at yet.
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