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efing mosquitos

My 16 mth old has had a few run-ins with them this summer.  He gets the biggest welts.  One got to him while he was in the car - I think it was trapped between his back and the carseat.  The bites on his back kind of looked like Gwenyth Paltrow after she's done cupping - big red round marks.  Another got him today on his wrist and it is so red and puffy.  They don't seem to bother him though.  He doesn't itch them thankfully.  He's quite oblivious, otherwise I would call the pedi.  Anyone else have an LO who reacts like this?  Karen

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    My kid doesn't react like that (he got bitten last night when we quickly popped out to tell my husband to come inside for dinner) but *I* react like that.  It's good that he doesn't itch them.
  • Yep - my kids react like that. Actually, last summer DD1's eye swelled shut because of a bugbite (not sure if that one was mosquito or something else) on her forehead. If the swelling gets really bad you can talk to the pedi about benadryl and get the right dose for your DS. I only used it when her eye swelled shut, the rest of the swelling hasn't been bad enough to necessitate medication imo.
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  • Oh my gosh yes...they love my 3 yo!  For some reason they don't bother my younger one much but G gets the exact huge welts you are talking about.  The worst part is they love his face so they always get his forehead, behind his ears, his neck....awful.  I put calamine (sp?)/caladryl on them and it seems to help.  It is supposed to dry them out but they seem to itch G so it helps with that too.
  • That's the reaction I have when I get bitten.   As long as I don't scratch them they go down within an hour.   I also use a Benadryl stick on them.  You might check with your pedi to see if something like that or afterbite is OK on his skin.  That always helps a lot for me.
  • DD has very bad reactions to mosquitos, they swell up huge and she will scratch them until they bleed. It feels like she has grapes under her skin. We put 1% hydrocortisone (recommended by the pediatrician) on the bites as soon as she gets them. If she's itching really bad I give her benadryl. 
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  • They love DD, and she is a scratcher.  I keep on telling her she has to be gentle and nice to her body.  I use anti-itch cream on them in the evening when it seems to bother her most and immediately before bed so they don't keep her awake.  They love me to, my legs look like a battlefield. 
  • I'm glad that the bites don't seem to be bothering your LO, but it still stinks. I hate mosquitoes.

    Just don't do what I did last summer! When Warner was still pretty little...around 4 months old, I was out at Stroller Strides with him at Lubber Run park. He had fallen asleep in his seat and a giant mosquito landed on his forehead and on pure (stupid) instinct I swatted it with my hand and yes, smacked my poor baby in the head. Fortunately, it was an odd angle so I didn't have much strength behind the swat, but Warner made sure I knew that he didn't appreciate this rude awakening. Talk about feeling like a terrible mom...sheesh Sad.

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