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What to do with shower cards?

Anyone have a cute craft idea for what to do with cards from the shower? I was thinking of cutting out some of the cute stuff on the front of the cards and making a collage or just glueing them into a scrapbook. The scrapbook sounds kinda lame, though.
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Re: What to do with shower cards?

  • For my wedding I got a post-it poster board (it is slightly stick, like the glue on post-its) and stuck all of my various cards on it in a collage and had it on display for quite a while ... eventually I did all throw them away because I just really don't see a point in keeping things like that forever.
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  • Maybe find a way to display them in the nursery?  They are for the  baby after all.  I'd put them together like in a heart or a wreath and hang it on the nursery wall.

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  • I didn't keep most of mine.  I just kept the ones from closest family members. 

  • Sounds like you can use a blessing ring.
  • I kept all of my bridal shower and wedding cards in this card album.  I bet you should be able to find or make something similar for baby cards...
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  • For our wedding, I kept the cards and made a collage of some of the name, cute pictures, and things written in them for our scrapbook. Guess it is somewhat lame, but I cannot see myself displaying them out in someway. I will probably do the same for our baby showers.

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