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intro and thoughts appreciated

I posted on TTCAL, didn't realize there was this board as well.  Would love any experiences or guidance you ladies can share.   

In 2008 had DS without a hitch.  Quickly got pregnant with 2d, but missed miscarriage at 9 weeks in April.  After that cycles have been 20 days (before was always 29-30 days), so went to RE.  Aggressive RE tested for everything, and hsg revealed one blocked tube and the other "compromised."  Suprising to say the least, since hadn't had a problem getting KU.  Went on clomid to help elongate cycle and make sure ovulating from better tube, coupled with iui, no luck.  I am at a juncture, do I keep trying or do a laperoscopy to see what is going on.  Hesitent to do surgery if not needed.  If it is endo, could damage be so rapid that I don't have any problem in March, but now do?  And still no explanation for short cycles?  RE pushing surgery, second opinion pushing to set "findings" aside since doesn't make sense.  Any thoughts?  TIA!!    

Re: intro and thoughts appreciated

  • Are you paying OOP?  I think since there was an issue detected in the HSG, I'd try again with the IUI.  My LAP/HSC was covered, but I'd imagine it would cost more than an IUI cycle.  Plus it took me awhile to recover from surgery.

    GL whatever you decide!

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