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Paying OOP - anyone have extra IVF meds?

We just did our first IUI for baby #2 and DH's count was 400,000. Looks like any more IUI's would be a waste of time (and money). So now we're moving on to IVF again and we have zero IF coverage. I'm going to talk with RE to see if he can discount the IVF cycle for us (like last time) but the meds are out of his hands. Does anyone have anything they could donate? For my other IVF cycles I used Lovenox, Gonal-F and Menopur.
After 27 months, 5 IUI's, 3 m/c's, 2 IVF's, 2 FET's (and a partridge in a pear tree) we finally had our baby boy. Our first son was born on Jan. 1, 2009.

Did another round of IVF and our girl/boy twins were born May 12, 2011

Re: Paying OOP - anyone have extra IVF meds?

  • I  was in a similar situation as you. Im sorry I do not have meds to help you with but some things that helped me I thought Id pass along. First good discount IVF meds there are boards that girls post on and people respond I was able to get so discounted even free meds that way. The other thing I did was I sat down with my nurst and asked her if the drug reps had and samples that they left for the office because believe me they do!!!! My nurse gave me half of the gonal f I needed for my cycle. I hope this helps you some. Good Luck!!!!

  • There is a girl who posts on IF and SAIF--her name is Tabitha and she does a great job in coordinating meds for girls.  She does a weekly check in but i am not sure when that is.

    I was able to get about $1500 worth of meds donated from some very generous nesties.  I also reviewed my med schedule and knew that they were ordering way too much follistim for me (i respond super quick), so i only ordered half of that.  I figured i could always overnight more if i was running low, but i couldn't return it if i already purchased it.  That saved me another $1500.  I ended up paying less than a grand for all my meds.  It helped out tremendously since we are OOP for everything and my clinic wouldn't discount anything!

    Good luck!!!!  

    PS: i also found no interest credit cards to help with the financing......I am still paying them off, but I had to take the chance and not live with regret!

    Best Wishes!!!!!! 

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