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What's on your list?

Run to Baton Rouge for the only bakery supplier close :(

Super Target while I'm there :)

Bake two cakes.

Play with white chocolate mousse.

Start kid laundry.

Start making children organize their rooms for school.

Possibly back to school shoe shopping.

Make a ton of buttercream icing.

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Re: To-do's

  • Go to the Farmers Market

    Make a Kroger and Wal-Mart run

    Three loads(ish) of laundry

    Vacuum house

    Sweep/Mop entry and bathrooms

    Start organizing DS' toys

    Finish clipping and organizing Sunday's coupons.

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    This is my 2nd day of getting up before DD and it does feel like I have more control over my day!

    Empty the dishwasher - Done

    Make our bed- Done

    Laundry, 2 loads of darks- Done, 1 load of lights, in the dryer

     DD's swimming lesson- Done

    Vacuum the living room- Done

    Wrap BIL's birthday present- Done 

    Call Car Lease co about Lease Payoff- Done

    Fax Disney Cruise Credit Card Auth. Form- Done 



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  • Call IRS about tax credit application (ugh)- Done

    Sweep downstairs- Done

    Vaccum downstairs rugs

    Wipe down kitchen counters- Done

  • Grocerry store




    2 loads of laundry

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  • Farmers market DONE

    Vacuum DONE by dh = )

    Empty dishwasher DONE

    Take care of a long time clients hair DONE

    Run by Whole Foods DONE

    Start some laundry

    Fold other laundry

    Quick clean of windows/window sills


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  • Send out Bday invites: Done

    Order Bday supplies: Done

    Start laundry for trip


    Pay bills 

    Clean out kitchen drawers (what a mess!!)


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