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Hi guys, i'm 18 weeks today and decided to go to BuyBuy Baby to look at strollers on my lunch break and came back totally overwhelmed. I live on Long Island but work in Manhattan, I was looking at the Bugaboo stollers because I like the versatility. What I don't like is the price! Also the stroller is 17lbs so they say, but feels like alot more. Granted, I'm only 5' and weigh less than 110 i'm not that much of a weakling. What is everyone else getting?

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  • Those Bugaboos sound like a total rip-off for women who are on a budget. We looked at Peg peregos, which we initially were going to get. They are lightweight. Then we talked to a baby gear specialist at Babies R Us and we are going to go with the City Mini Baby Jogger. It's about $250, lightweight, and seems pretty reasonable with a good safety rating overall. Good luck with your decision. Maybe you should talk to a "baby gear specialist" at BuyBuy baby, if they have one.
  • I've been hearing alot about the City Mini Baby Jogger, a good friend of mine just got one. Now I need to see this in person. Thanks for your reply.

  • Loved the Citi Mini but decided to go for the Citi Elite, it had a little more cushion for baby (but it is a little bit heavier).  Still, you can't beat the collapse. So easy to maneuver. I'm the same size as you and it's one of the only strollers I didn't feel like I was fumbling all around with.
  • i have the peg perego skate, i loooove it, but it is extremely heavy and annoying to take anywhere. i leave it in my house and use it for walks around the neighborhood. my maclaren is in my car all the time and i use it every day! if i could only have one stroller id probably go with the maclaren. good luck!
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  • we went for the Orbitz. Great product for convenience and versatility! 
  • We have went to look at strollers prrox 3x's already... its worst than buying a car. We like the chicco travel system and its infant car set was rated pretty high as well as the stroller. We also liked the City Elite (i think) jogger, however we were told that its not a true jogging stroller??? idk its for dad who likes run. the chicco's i like because its one hand close and fairly light, the preggo, which i had one for my older daughter, is heavy and not easy to close. the jogger I didnt like the car seat attachment (which cost extra) and it was slightly heavier than the chicco's. I suggest going back and find your top three / two n weight pros n cons... we still havent decided.  
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