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Exclusively pumping?

For a variety of non-technical issues, I'm not going to breastfeed anymore (like, milk from the boob) but I'd like to exclusively pump for as long as possible.  Please don't tell me to give it more time...my issues aren't with the BFing technique.

Are there any good websites about this?  Or do y'all have tips?  Most of the stuff in my baby books is about breastfeeding & supplemental pumping, not exclusively pumping.

Re: Exclusively pumping?

  • I didn't exclusively pump, but did pump a ton, and would say definitely make sure you find a way to go hands free. Whether it's by cutting slits in a sports bra, clipping the shields into your nursing bra, using the ponytail holder method (on kellymom), hands free is a necessity! Even if it's not taking care of a baby, you'll want a way to do something while you pump (well, just relaxing sometimes is great too!). 

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  • I EP'd for 6 months and found kelly mom to be very helpful.  Ditto the pp about making it hands free in some way...it will REALLY help!!!


    good luck 

  • I am entering month 5 of EP.

    Best of luck to you!

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  • I did EP for 7 months (DD started refusing milk at that point) because I had a massive oversupply and DD had a high palate that made a latch next to impossible. Looking back- I wonder how I lasted that long but I did not think it was so bad then and I liked the flexibility it gave me (allowing DH to feed).

    Advice- get a good pump, some comfortable nursing bras and a good book :-) To make the pumping less tiresome- I always caught up on reading I was not getting in any other time!

    I got a lot of advice from the nurses at the hospital and I did get some good info from KellyMom- but it was mainly about the storing/freezing. Let me know if you have any specific question and I would be happy to answer. Post here or email is toreybATgmail.

    Your DS is adorable! Congrats again!

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  • kastlekastle member

    Thanks everyone!

    For right now, we're renting a hospital grade pump and I really like it.

  • Great advice above (esp. the hands free bra), just wanted to say good luck. I could only nurse both of mine for a few weeks then EP'd both (first until 4 mos., second until 6 mos.) so just hang in there.  It's a lot of fussing about - cleaning pump parts, bottles, storing, freezing, labeling, etc. - but all worth it I think!
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  • After having to exclusively pump for the past 5 months, here are some things that helped me:

    Drinking 3+ liters of water a day

    Pumping about 6 times a day for 30-45 minutes

    Mother's Milk Tea and oatmeal every day

    I rented a Medela Symphony for home and kept my Medela Freestyle at work.

    Wishing you luck!

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