ok i know stupid question but got the nerve up to ask,,, — The Bump
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ok i know stupid question but got the nerve up to ask,,,

What are follies? People talk about how many follies they have and betas, I know I need to get the taking charge of your fertility and it's on my list but just wanted to know what these are (sigh) sorry and feel free to laugh , LOL at my self

Re: ok i know stupid question but got the nerve up to ask,,,

  • No, not a stupid  question!! I wish you did not have to know. Follies are short for follicles, which are the fluid and hopefully egg filled sacks on your ovaries. When they get big enough during your cycle, they will burst releasing your egg to ovulate.
  • FTG said it GREAT!!

    Also, a beta is a blood pregnancy test. It measures the levels of HCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) in the blood. Basically the hormone produced by the body when you are pregnant. (or shot into you if you do a trigger shot, but thats a different lesson) It is quantative so it measures if there is ANY hcg in your blood and can be positive sooner then a pee test. 

    Most IF patients will have repeat betas done to see if the hormone is doubling. It should double every 48 hours (I believe) in a normal pregnancy. High numbers can sometimes mean more then 1 baby or further along than once thought, but there is starting to be evidence that the beta number is not a good indicator of multiples. 

    Oh wow, I just realized how much I rambled on. Hopefully I answered some of your questions. 

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