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Clomid ? & OPK ?

Has anyone else noticed that Clomid makes your cycle longer? Or is that what it's supposed to do?

Also, has anyone ever gotten 2 positive OPKS in one cycle, prior to O? Which one do I use, because my temp still has not risen?

Help! I need answers and reassurance!

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Re: Clomid ? &amp;amp; OPK ?

  • I responded "painfully slowly" (direct quote from the REs office) to clomid, but my cycles were irregular anyway though.
    I didn't bother with opks while I was on it b/c I was monitored so closely.
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  • I'm only on my 2nd round of clomid now, but it didn't affect the length of my first cycle at all.  Everything was the same as before. 

    As for 2 OPK's - my RE told me to go with the first one and I was supposed to call then and they would get me in to check with an u/s as well.

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