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a good ultrasound for once!

first off i want to thank everyone for their kind replies to my post about our phone call! i never thought i'd find so much comfort on the internet! thank you thank you thank you!!!!

we had one of our routine ultrasounds today and there was nothing but good news. baby girl is practice breathing and is swallowing and has normal muscle tone at this point! these three things are the major issues that babies with congenital myotonic dystrophy have so she's looking good! this doesn't mean that we're in the clear or that things will be fine by any means but it was so nice to hear!! also, my amniotic fluid has gone down (it was high enough for my fundal height to be at 41 when i was only 31 weeks). and... it's my birthday!!! what better gift could i have gotten??



Re: a good ultrasound for once!

  • Happy birthday! And I can think of no better gift to get than to receive good news & something to celebrate about your baby! 
  • good news!  and happy birthday!
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  • Happy birthday! And thank goodness for some good news!
  • YAY! Enjoy every second of the good news!!! Happy Birthday!
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  • lboerslboers member

    thanks everyone! it really was the best birthday i've ever had! just had to add this funny story:

    i called my mom to let her know how well things went. she texted my dad to let him know the good news and finished with "fingers and toes crossed!". he called her in a panic and said "what's this about fingers abd toes crossed? the poor thing! what next???". she had to clarify that the babies fingers and toes are fine and that she was crossing her own fingers and toes for good luck. my poor dad, he's such a worrier!

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