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Officially trying after 2nd lap

I've posted before, but not regularly and its been awhile... 

Its actually cycle 2 but it is quite a bit more nerve-wrecking this time. I had a LAP, hysteroscopy and Tubal Dye Study on June 16th. The hysteroscopy and tubal dye study were just fine, my tubes and uterus were clear but my doctor FINALLY found "significant" endometriosis. It was on both ovaries with my right one being attached to my uterus and back behind my uterus plus a cyst. Its funny that one doctor could find all of that when my last doctor said I must have had microscopic implants.

 So I am on cycle 2 and quite a bit more nervous then I was with my son, at least I know I have a doctor who is going to be really proactive about everything. If I'm not pregnant within 4 months of the surgery, he wants me back in the office to discuss our options so that feels good and takes a little pressure off if that makes sense. 

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Diagnosed w/ Endo 9/18/09
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Re: Officially trying after 2nd lap

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