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EI eval on Tuesday. What to expect?

What should i expect from them? The msw is coming right before them & staying to watch the eval.

Re: EI eval on Tuesday. What to expect?

  • They will probably ask you a bunch of questions and hold/play with Sean.  Since he is so little, it will likely be more of just asking you questions.

     For evaluations/goal settings, I try to always make a list for myself of what my concerns are so that I am prepared.

    To qualify for EI (here anyway) your DC had to have a delay of "X" amount or be diagnosed with a condition that is usually associated with delays.


  • Ours was a lot of paperwork, going over their procedures and plans, asking questions about what he does. 

    DS was 3 weeks old when they came and they checked to see if he responded to sounds, moved against gravity, tone, etc. 

    It was only about a 30 minute visit.

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  • For us, a dx of PWS automatically qualified Dean, so they were coming more to assess where he was developmentally in all the areas. Basically, they just asked a lot of questions and then did various play "exercises" with him. It was a lot better than I had anticipated it being!
  • Ty's first eval was when he was 1 month...he already qualified because of his Ds, so we just filled out the paperwork & she observed/played with him.  She did what's called an ELAP, which evaluates all of his skills in gross and fine motor, language, social, cognitive, and self help (I may be forgetting one!).  Most of it was just asking me questions about what he can do, and she checked them off in the booklet.  It was painless!  At 2 months, Ty was evaluated again by a PT, and at this meeting our service coordinator was also there to write his IFSP.  At that time, all of Ty's skills were age-appropriate based on the ELAP, so he didn't end up getting any therapy or goals in his IFSP.  However, that was in Virginia; I just moved to NH and I'm finding out that EI is totally different here!  He'll get goals and therapy no matter what his skills are like just because of his Ds, to keep him on track.  It's not a terrible process, and they're very understanding and supportive (at least those I've met), so it should be ok! Good luck! 
  • Think the others have given you pretty similar answers to what I would've said... just wanted to say "Hi!" And check up on you and Sean. Is her taking any best to nursing? How are you holding up? 
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