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c-section or vaginal delivery??

Last October I had a subdermal hematoma and needed to have emergency brain surgery. I am now 30 weeks pregnant and have consulted my ob and nurologist about which option would be safer for me and my baby. My neurologist says he sees no reason that I cannot deliver vaginally. My ob says the decision is up to me, but she seems to be pushing for the c-section. She says the risks are the same for infection and hemmoraging but that it would be less traumatic for the baby, since he wouldn't have to squeeze through the birth canal. I'm having anxiety about both options. I'd appreciate it if you gals could give me your thoughts and opinions on the matter.



Re: c-section or vaginal delivery??

  • I had a c section just for the simple fact that my dd did not flip or drop. I was scared but it went quickly & I recovered well. I say go natural if you can I hear from alot of people the pain & recovery is better. However if you do have a c section, take a lot of medication while you are in the hospital & get up & move around as much as possible while you have the meds.
  • If you've been cleared by neurology for a vaginal delivery, you should aim for it.  I disagree that the risks for infection and hemorrhaging are the same.  In fact, I believe that the risks are less.  I have had both a vaginal delivery and a c-section.  I would choose the vaginal delivery any day.  Recovery is better and easier.

    With that said, even if you plan for a vaginal delivery, things can happen and a c-section may be deemed necessary when the time comes.

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  • Funny you should ask... being a health professional in the Torrance area here are the pros and cons:

     1) The risks for C-section are slightly higher; however, about 30-40% of all deliveries now are by C-section. They are very common and safe.

    2) The hospital stay is 1-2 nights for a vag deliv and 3-5 for a C-section. This could be a plus or minus.  Hospitals are notorious for bad food and noise; however, you have help constantly around and if there are any problems with the baby there are more readily identified.

    3) You can plan better with a C-section if you want certain people available and time your family leave.

    4) There is a very very small increase in breathing problems with the baby after C-section.   I hope this helps!

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