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Hard Lump Next To G-tube

DD has had a G-tube for a little over a month now and other than some recent slight infection/redness (that we've been told is totally normal) we really haven't had any significant problems.

Until tonight when I changed her dressing she has this weird hard lump next to the button. I called the surgical team who placed it and they said since she doesn't have a fever or seem to be in pain that we could wait till the morning but if we really felt like she needs to be seen we could come in.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this happen before it's really weird, like the size of her balloon but definitely harder than the balloon would be.   


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Re: Hard Lump Next To G-tube

  • What a precious little girl you have! 

    I can't tell you specifically about the g-tube. We haven't had anything like that with DD, but I can tell you that when she got her malrotation surgery, she developed a hard bump on her belly. I was totally freaked out about it at first and it turned out to be scar tissue. Its gotten a little bigger since, but hasn't caused any problems and the doctors aren't concerned about it.

    Hopefully it'll just be something like that for you guys as well.  

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  • We have never had a bump like that near the g-tube site of DS. I would take her in just to have it looked at. We have the convenience of still having a home nurse come every 2 weeks and she checks the g-tube site every time. I wouldn't want to let something like that go...and I would want an answer as to what it is.

    I also wanted to share with you a website that sells these cute cloth pieces that fit around the g-tube.  The person selling them has a kiddo with a g-tube as well. Anyway, I LOVE them! They are called My Button Buddies. No more gauze, no more redness, and they are really cute!!! You can pick out the designs you want and they are machine washable. Here is the website:


     Hope this helps!


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  • granulation tissue??

    DS had a huge problem with it for about the first 9 months. The for whatever reason, we never had another problem again.

    Anyway, I would take your LO in just to get looked at just to be sure everything is ok.  

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