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Anyone else with low thyroid? 

I went in Tuesday for a miscarriage follow-up appointment and dr decided to re-run my thyroid test (had it done in 2009 and it was borderline).  Turns out it is low. 

She recommends seeing the endocrynologist and also doing one more test to make sure I don't have antibodies that are attacking that can cause difficulty achieving pregnancy and also causes m/c.

Dr told me to get thyroid in check and then we can revisit pregnancy issue to see if Clomid may be necessary again (I am a late ovulater and potentially have low progesterone too).  She told me it would be better to TTC within the year rather than wait 2+ yrs since I am 33 and my family history is full of women with reproductive cancers that developed around 35.

Overall, I was glad that there is something that can be fixed/monitored and may be contributing to my TTC and miscarriage issues.


DD#1 11/7/04 DS#1 6/24/06 Chemical Pregnancy 6/08 DD#2 1/28/10 after secondary infertility, Clomid, & acupuncture missed m/c 6/2010 at 8 weeks (baby stopped growing @ 5.5) DS born sleeping 1/13/2011 due to cord accident at 22 weeks. DD#3 3/10/2012

Re: Thyroid?

  • I have hypothyroidism and was diagnosed with it over 5 years ago.   I also tested positive for the antibodies attacking my thyroid.  I have been taking synthroid since I was diagnosed to keep it under control and had no problems conceiving my DD after all of that was diagnosed.   It's super easy to control by taking medication every morning.  I will tell you that pregnancy throws it completely out of whack.  I was constantly having my levels checked and adjusting my med

    Even now, my thyroid is still kept at a good level (I believe my endocrinologist wants to keep it below 1 to help get pg) so they aren't concerned about it at all.  They are more concerned with my crappy egg quality and DH's sperm instead.

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