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I was wondering if anyone out there has any recommendations of Portland area doctors.  I'm not liking the big office feel and how proactive it is making me have to be - I'm constantly nervous that if I'm not over-researching that I'm going to miss something.  Anyone have someone they go to that they really like?

 Also - any opinions on Maine Med vs. Mercy Hospitals?



Re: Portland Area Doctors

  • I really liked Coastal Women's in Scarborough, Me.  Quick commute to from Portland.  They are just wonderful!!  Dr. Dawson is great!!  I also delivered at Maine Med had a great experience but hated sharing a room as I was uncomfortable with having a roommate who did not deliver a healthy baby.  I felt just heart broken for her but needed to take sleeping pills to get any rest as doctor's, nurses, family members were in and out constantly!!  I hear that this has been improved with single rooms for every delivery. Hope this helps.
  • I went to All About Women, I thought they were great, but their practice recently grew...but all are wonderful.  I had the BEST delivery at Mercy...they followed my birthplan to a T.    ( I also am a RN at MMC. )  
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  • Dr Rebecca Hunt at 887 Congress St is fantastic!

    I'd also recommend Dr Sansonetti, who was on Rt 1 in Scarborough.
  • I'm seeing dr.cotter at intermed...she'd wonderful and has a healthy sense of humor, easy to ask questions and genuine. I

    I'm a bit biased about hospitals since I work at Maine med. They have a new birthing unit so that now rooms are all private with room for the dads, all jacuzzi suites, aromatherapy and menu selection around the clock. plus if you happen to be high risk or become so, this hospital is equipped to handle nicu and anything that could go wrong.

  • I currently am going to All About women in Portland and I really like it.  This is my second child.  My first time around the practice that I went to questioned alot of my decisions (example - I got quizzed numerous times why I was not going to breastfeed...after about the 10th time being asked I finally had a meltdown and said unless my husband learned to lactate, the child was not being breastfed)  

    All About women seems to really respect your wishes and gives advice if you ask, however does not push their opinions on you.  Very friendly practice and has I think 4 doctors - this way you meet with all of them so when you are ready to have your kid, one will always be available.   

  • Delivered my son in February 2009 at Maine Med.  New birthing center had been opened by then.  It was wonderful.  Private room with attached bathroom. Almost felt like a hotel - One where they change your baby's dirty diapers for you :-)

    Due to have baby #2 at MMC in 5 weeks. 

  • I went to All About Women in Portland - the doctor said she was routinely an hour late for appointments so I stuck with where I was!  My doctor was unavailable one day and I dealt with Dr. Cotter - really liked her but felt awkward switching so I didn't :(.

    I ended up doing Maine Med because I liked the NICU being RIGHT there.

  • Another vote for All About Women.  I had a great experience with their practice (including the two new providers) and Mercy.  I really wanted a natural birth and I don't think I could have done w/o my doctor and awesome nurse!  Just as an FYI, I never had to wait to be seen for any of my appointments. 
  • I'm new to Maine, having moved here last year, and had to pick a doctor off the internet when I found out I was pregnant. I chose All About Women because they had high ratings, but reading all these positive recommendations from actual people is a relief. I'm seeing them for my first exam in 3 weeks. 
  • I am also seeing the doctors at All About Women. I chose them from our insurance company's list because their doctors are all women and they are affiliated with the birthing center where I intend to birth. Their proximity to the highway is most convenient also, as we do not live IN Portland.

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