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Tricare question from a new Military Wife

Hello Everyone!

Im a new Military Wife and I have a question about how Tricare works.

My husband is a Brand new Marine and is at MCT in NC right now so Its difficult for us tocommunicate.  Would any of you happen to know how pediatric care works? Im Due 8/14 and I have no idea how getting a pediatrican for our son works. 

Are we assigned based on our location? Do they come to the hospital during the delivery?

Im not sure if it matters but we live in upstate NY.  Theres a dr.s office in New Windsor but I was told that the closest Militray Hospital for us is inWest Point which is over an hr away.

Im just very confused!!!


Re: Tricare question from a new Military Wife

  • There will be a pediatrician that will see your child when you deliver. Typically they won't be the pediatrician you'll see once you are released though. Unless, they are the on-call pediatrician at the time and they are your pediatrician on post (if you are having your child on post AND the pediatrician you choose is on post as well). 

    What you need to do is look online and see what pediatricians are available in your area.

    Go here:

    Follow the links according to if you are South Region, etc. If you are using an MTF then select that option.

    So, once you locate which pediatrician you want to use (if they are off post) you'll call them and see if they are accepting new patients. Then verify with them when you make the first appointment to see them.

    I do not know the steps to take if you are using an MTF. Hopefully someone else will chime in and tell you what to do.


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  • I too am a pregnant Marine Corps wife who's closest MTF is Keller Army Community Hospital at West Point but I live about 45 minutes to an hour away. PM me if you'd like and I can tell you what I've figured out in the last month. BTW love your siggy pic!
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  • The clinic on the naval base where we are would not add my son as a patient until after he was born, so there was no way to have the pediatrician come to the birth using the military clinic (Tricare wants the child to have a SSN before they enter them so it's confusing) . We ended up using the hospital pediatrician and took DS when he was 2 days old to his current pediatrician.  If you are that far from the military hospital then Tricare should give you a referral for a local pediatrician.
  • I used to live just across the river from West Point when DH and I were first married, before we lived together. But, if you live that far from WP you should be clear to see off-post doctors closer to you. I think the limit is 50 miles. You can call the Tricare office at WP and ask them. They're pretty knowledgeable ladies. 
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  • Thank you so much ladies for the help and advice!! This is all so confusing!!

    Were newly weds as of last month so were trying to get everything set for our devilpup!! 

  • I am a new Army Reserve Wife going through the same things. What I have found is... if you are far from a military clinic or hospital, there is a list of doctors on Tricare's website and you can choose a PCP and a Pediatrician from this list. You will need to call the Office to see if they are accepting patients, but you will need to wait until after the baby is born to be seen by the Doctor, as someone else said the military needs them enrolled with deers and need the ss number before the child can be seen at an office. Your baby will be covered at the hospital, but will be seen by the on call pediatrician. Go to the Tricare website and choose your type of tricare. That is how I found everything out. You will learn that military personnel and associates are very difficult to deal with, so be patient and just check out the website. 

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  • Call tricare. They are very helpful. We live off base and are active duty. They will give you a list of doctors you can choose from. Or if you live on base you can go to the clinic. I opted out of that and went to a regular doctor. It was very hard for me to get appointments on base. Hope it helped a little.
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