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If you went med-free, where and by whom did you deliver?

We had planned on med-free for our first baby but it didn't work out at Abington Hosptital.  I know a lot of things I would do differently for myself, and I thought the Hospital was fine.

 However, I'm not a fan of my ob practice Abington OBGYN Associates )doctor missed delivery, nurse did it and he messed up the circumcision)  and was wondering where you delivered and what practice you used?

Also, do you think it's necessary to do Bradley Classes and if so where did you take them?


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Re: If you went med-free, where and by whom did you deliver?

  • Ronni Rothman, Woman Wise Midwifery, delivers at Montgomery in Norristown (use to be at Lankenau and Chestnut Hill).  She delivered all three of my children.  First ended with an epidural...after doing the Bradley classes.  Last two were unmedicated.  Do I think Bradley is worth it...perhaps for a first baby, but think prenatal yoga much better.  I took my classes with Donna Kirshner in Bala Cynwd...spelling is prob off here.
  • Check out the birth center in Bryn Mawr. I was transferred to the hospital and then under the care of Dr. Hirshman, he worked really hard to try for a vaginal delivery first. So check him out too, I really liked him.
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  • I used Abington's Womens Healthcare Group and I thought they were very supportive of my med-free birth.  I regularly see Dr Greybush and love her.  Dr Lexow delivered my son and she was awesome.  If you are looking for a midwife, I would also recommend Bryna Mawr Birth Center.  I have a couple of friends who had excellent birth experiences there.
  • Home!  With midwife Kate Aseron from Rising Moon Midwifery.  I'm also a doula and have experience with various area hospitals.  Would be able to recommend a few of my favorites for women set on being in a hospital setting if you wanted to contact me privately. 

    Otherwise, I think for a low risk woman, home is the safest place to be with a trained and experienced midwife able to know when things aren't progressing normally and it'd be time to make a transfer.  You're able to birth however you want and need with no restrictions and most women feel secure, safe, and comfortable and able to birth wonderfully.

    Lori ~ mom to 2 boys, wife, doula, and childbirth educator - www.delcodoula.com
  • I went au naturel at Paoli Hospital under Dr. Shari Senzon (MainLine ObGyn).  I think the labor and delivery nurse really did an amazing job. 
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