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Mom groups?

Anyone go to a Mom group? I am interested in going to one but I don't know much about them. Any suggestions?

Re: Mom groups?

  • Hi Lesley,

     I'm sorry no one has responded to this. :( I am a step-mom and when I first moved to the area I wanted to join a "mom" group to find some friends but was afraid that since I'm not a "real" mom that the other moms would shun me. Anyway, long story short. I didn't look into it further for me, but I did get this group info given to me by a local mommy friend who was trying to be supportive. I hope it works for you.

     Here is the link :

     The true group is I believe, and you can put in your Zip Code and find multiple groups around you. This group is specifically for a Tucson Mommy meet up group. :)

     Hope this helps!


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  • I was goin to suggest the same thing.  I know some churches in town have them as well, but is great.
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