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High HCG levels, and a shadow on early scan?

So, I had my levels drawn twice:

5 weeks 1 day: 3,490

6 weeks 4 days: 141,900

That's super high! Almost three times higher than the higher end of the range!

Also, I am measuring 11 weeks and I jsut turned eight weeks today...

Also, I had an ultrasound and 6 weeks, 4 days and you could see one sac and the yolk sac and a smidgen of a baby... But to the upper left of the sac there was a darker shadow thing... it's not very clear in the transabdominal ultrasound pic, but when they did the transvaginal, it was very distinct. not clear like the sac, but distinct... See?

Photobucket Photobucket

I just have this gut feeling, and that combined with my HCG levels... And the fact I was breastfeeding when I got pregnant... Just makes me wonder!

If you look here: http://www.babymed.com/pregnancy-symptoms/normal-hcg-pregnancy-hormone-levels-pregnancy

my hcg was on track for the 5 weeks and 1 day draw (3,400-8,450), but was WAY above the levels for 6 weeks 4 days. (25,530-50,210)

I know HCG alone isn't a good indicator, but with the ultrasound being kind of strange... And the high levels, and having been breastfeeding... It is possible, isn't it?

What were your guys hcg levels at 5 and 6 weeks?

Re: High HCG levels, and a shadow on early scan?

  • What does your doctor say? 

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  • He said there's a strong possibility and we won't know for sure for a while. He said we SHOULD be able to tell at my next appointment on the 14th, but it's still possible that we might not be able to until later.


    I'm just wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences.

  • Huh. I only ask because my first u/s was at 5w5days and there were CLEARLY two sacs visible. Not sure how far along you are though. I never had betas checked, so I don't know what they were. 

    The beta questions gets asked a lot on this board. Many ladies had higher than normal betas. But many ladies also had normal range, and some even had higher betas with their singleton than their multiples. 

    GL, I hope you get the outcome you're hoping for :) 

     ETA - actually, just saw that you're 8 weeks. Unless I'm missing something, I have no idea how a doc could misdiagnose twins via transvaginal u/s at this stage.

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  • I don't mind if there's one, two, or twenty... Okay. I might mind twenty... I just hate being in limbo and not knowing! The suspense is horrible!
  • at 6w if they are looking for a twin they should be able to find it without a problem... they are usually only missed when they are not activly looking for a multiple pregnancy and one is hiding a little.

    at my 5w US it was VERY clear that i was having twins.  I don't really see what you are talking about with the shadow... i mean - you know what a baby looks like - the shadow doesn't look anything like one - just a shadow, which there are always tons of on US's.

    did you do IVF or other IF treatment? Do you have a high risk for twins?

    high betas mean nothing. You can post on SAIF and you'll see tons of women with high betas who had singletons.  My singleton and twin betas were almost the same...

    i'm confused as to why they wouldn't search more if they suspected a twin - that's not something they'd want to miss.

  • It was a very FAST ultrasound. :( I barely even got a picture. And they said they'd check at the next one...
  • At 8 weeks in a viable twin pregnancy, there should be two very clear heartbeats.  My 6 weeks u/s showed them both distinctly with cardiac activity.  My gut is saying no on this one, but please come back and let us know if you do indeed have multiples!  Congratulations on your pregnancy!

     P.S.  Many pregnancies start out as twins but one vanishes.  That might explain the high betas and the shadow on the u/s.

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  • a fast US?  I'd have a problem with any place that wouldn't take their time to try and diagnose a twin --- it's not something to just wait on.

    you are a doula? shouldn't you know all this stuff?

    and i agree with the PP - could be a vanishing twin.  At 8w there are clearly babies in there... mine looked like gummie bears- with very visible heartbeats.

  • it was clearly evident at 7 weeks that i was having twins.  2 distinct heartbeats/sacs.  congrats on the pregnancy - singleton or twins!
  • ktspjktspj member

    I went in for an u/s at 5w5d (due to spotting) and there was one gestational sac and one yolk sac seen.    I went back in at 7w1d and you could now see the yolk sac, fetal pole and flickering heart then as she moved around there at the very top of the gestational sac was the other baby and flickering heart!  My uterus is very tilted and the other baby was at the top of the angled part.

    As far as my levels,  they were 30000 at 5w5d and 47000 at 6w.  And those are almost identical levels when I was pregnant with my son.

    Good Luck...you never know! =-)

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  • It was very obvious at 7 weeks we were having twins. They weren't looking for multiples on my u/s but there was no way you could have missed the second baby. I would think if they were looking for twins they would have a hard time missing a baby.

    Congrats on your pregnancy and keep us posted. 


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  • It was a hospital ultrasound because they were mostly looking for cysts on my ovary (apparently all three ruptured).

    And my babies always seem a little smaller than most at different stages. Even with ultrasounds with my previous two, they were really small. 8 weeks is when they were obviously there, but the six week ultrasounds are way mysterious. We could barely even see the baby. We saw the yolk sac, but the baby was just a smidgen of a thing!

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