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Daycare recommendations in the Salem/Derry area?

Any suggestions for good infant daycare? There are no NAEYC accredited centers for infants. I found two for preschool (3+), so I guess I have to rely on recommendations instead! Thanks! :) 

Re: Daycare recommendations in the Salem/Derry area?

  • I can tell you where NOT to go.

    No to Here we grow in salem.

    No to Create and Discover in Salem

    No to Wonder years in salem/derry.


    DS is in Over the Rainbow, but they only accept starting at 18M.  They are the only place I have been happy with.  I have had very BAD experiences at other places named above.  


    Other people in my moms club use littleville in salem.  Or little sprouts in methuen.  

  • Thanks! That's very helpful. I think I'm going with a daycare in Londonderry. I couldn't find any in Salem that I liked. I looked at Wonder Years in both Salem and Derry and just didn't have a good feeling. It was also so loud in the infant room because it is attached to the toddler room (Salem location) and the teachers didn't even acknowledge me. The teachers at the Derry location were very nice, I just wasn't thrilled with the center's appearance and it didn't end up on the top of my list. Do you know anything about The Learning Path on 111? Or Kidndercare? 
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  • I have friends how's 2 boys went to The Learning Path for a few years and they loved it there.  Only reason they switched was because they moved to Manchester.  Don't know anything about Kindercare.
  • I have heard good things about kindercare.  Since they are a chain they will hold up to their national standards.

    I have not heard about learning path.  I can ask around though.

     Do you live in Salem?  

  • We go to Here We Grow in Salem.... I'm interested to hear why PP said not to go there?

  • imagebttrflyd80:

    We go to Here We Grow in Salem.... I'm interested to hear why PP said not to go there?

    We had problems with the turn over rate.  In less than a year, DS had 8 teachers.  Then when he turned 2, they moved ALL the other 2 year olds up to the older toddler room and he was left in the younger toddler room.  They even moved up some kids younger than 2.  The reason was because he was not talking yet and could not communicate.  Unfortunately they put in these little kids and since he was bigger than them he was hurting them by accident.

    I explained speech is not a reason to hold him back from kids his age.  

    Then for a week straight I picked him up and saw that another child was hitting him.  Not just 1 time, but constantly slapping him.  I said something and nothing was done.  The kids were never separated and the parents of the other boy were never told.  It got so bad that if another child even tried to hug mine, he backed up because he thought he would be hit. 

    I ended up pulling him and it was a mess.  For about 4-5 months he shied away from kids due to thinking he would be hit. 

    over all not a good center, in my opinion.  

    I also looked up their history and they had a complaint that a teacher yelled at a child said demeaning things, and instead of the director taking action she just moved the teacher to a different classroom.  

    I hope your experience is better than mine.  


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