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How's everyone doing in the heat?

How are the moms-to-be and new babies out there doing with this heat wave? My one-month old is sleeping a lot!! We're trying to stay cool by getting out of the house, going for rides or to stores...
Abbie 6/6/10 and DD#2 due 2/20/13

Re: How's everyone doing in the heat?

  • Alex has been swimming most every day since it turned hot. Unfortunately she's now suffering from extreme constipation. I'm guessing it's due to dehydration since she doesn't like water or juice.
  • We broke down and got an AC for our bedroom because I was paranoid about all the heat and SIDS talk on 0-3.  We had got one for the living room earlier in the season - Riley is a cuddle bug space heater!  We really should have got one last year for the rabbit, they don't do well in heat at all.  I do miss our walks, though!  I've been trying to get out first thing before it gets too hot.  If I go to the mall I spend too much :)
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  • I've told my DH next time, we get pregnant in the summer. My feet and ankles look like shrek's! Thankfully, we have a really cold air conditioner, and he sits in blankets while I finally feel comfortable. Our little guy will be here shortly (hoping the full moon tonight does something!) and we're both just so focused on that Smile
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