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How accurate is the due date?

I had a miscarriage so my LM date was not so accurate. I believed my doc based my due date on the measurements from the Ultrasound. How accurate is that approach. I ask because I am incredibly small and currrently in my 37th week.

Re: How accurate is the due date?

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    in early weeks measurments are all about the same - that is a fairly accurate indicator of due date.  as the pg progresses babies have different sizes - so you can't really guess based off of size later on..... when was the US that they guessed your due date?

    i have friends who were tiny at 40w - and had good sized babies... everyone carries different.

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    i was rather tiny too...and gave birth 2 weeks early. they estimated my due date based on LMP... but usually the early u/s are good for estimators... one now probably not very accurate (and they tend to not officially change it unless it is off by more than 2 weeks)
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    i gave birth exactly 1 week early
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    The US was about 6 weeks. Thanks for the info

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