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1st timer freaking out!

So I am just over 2 months from my first kid! People keep asking how I feel, and whats it like.  I have been feeling like not much has changed but it has and is going to, why dont I feel it?  People keep telling me I look good and are so small still but this just makes me feel like something might be wrong dispite being told I am fine by my Dr. 

 Also the more I try to feel the kicking and moving I think I dont, well not nearly as much as a freinds of mine!  Am I just paranoid?  The Dad says he feels it rolling around in there when he holds me but I dont.  Am I the only one out there feeling these things?Confused

Re: 1st timer freaking out!

  • I actually didn't show or have a belly that was noticeable until past 26 weeks. The day I went into labor a lady told me I didn't even look pregnant. I wouldn't worry about not showing or feeling movement, everyone is different. If your dr says everything is fine then I wouldn't stress. Next time you have an appointment just ask about it to ease your mind.

    M is 2 years old.. already!
    LO #2 due 4/18
  • I am also having my first and we had such a hard time getting pregnant. I can't help but worry every time someone asks how I feel because I feel fine. I just keep reminding myself my twin sister didn't feel any different and she has a cute little 6 month old.
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