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Short cervix but no cerclage

Hello Everyone, I'm new here so thanks for reading and I appreciate any feedback/advice you can offer.

I was diagnosed with a short cervix at 20 weeks which measured 2.5 and a week later 1.4 with funneling.  My doc did not do a cerclage saying it was too late and put me on bed rest and progesterone suppositories.  I am now 23 weeks and went for a second opinion yesterday.  This doc also said it was too late and said I should start the progesterone shots and a terb pump. 

Have any of you had success without a cerclage with a measurement less than 1.5 so early on like me?  Did bed rest work? I am losing hope because every where I look, everyone got a cerclage.

Do you feel the shots are stronger or better than the suppositories?

Lastly, are any of you on the terb pump.  I am concerned about this because I do not have contractions at all and this is supposed to help stop them.  The doc said he wants to be ready just in case but I don't feel comfortable with the side effects, etc.

Just finished my 2nd week of bed rest... 

Thanks again,


Re: Short cervix but no cerclage

  • cadencaden member

    My cervix wasn't 1.4, but it did decrease dramatically in a week and a half, and my doctors did not give me a cerclage. I was 21-22w when my docs found out and 23w when they finally decided not to do the cerclage.

    I'm on terb, prog shots and bedrest. Right now I'm on terb pills, but my OB told me in a few weeks I'll probably go on the pump instead. I didn't do the suppositories so I can't compare them with the shots. I have bad side effects from the terb pills too, although after 2 weeks they got better. I don't feel real contractions either. I feel nothing actually. But I have very small contractions that show up on uterine monitors, so that's why I'm on these meds. The contractions are so small they just call it "uterine irritability". I assume I'd actually feel something if I was having a real contraction, or even a BH one.

    I'm only 25.5 weeks now, so I can't claim success yet, but so far so good. My cervix stopped funneling and shortening. I still have uterine irritability even with the meds, but at least my cervix is not being affected by it. I honestly think the bed rest is what helped the most. I used to feel a LOT of pressure "down there" and cramping, but I don't really anymore. Maybe once in a while when I stand up but that's it.

    GL to you!!

  • Most Dr.'s won't do a cerclage after 20 weeks, because the risks can outweigh the benefits. 

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  • Hey there!  So glad you're still hanging in there.  Hopefully you will be able to decide what is best for you re: terb pump and progesterone.  Are they planning on giving steroids for the lungs when you reach 24 weeks??

    Congrats on finishing week #2 of bedrest.  It will be worth it - I promise.

    I'm on week 9 and wondering where the weeks have gone. 



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  • My cervix was 2.7cm at 20 weeks and two weeks laters it was less than one and funneling. And apparently I was having contractions and didn't know it. The cerclage wasn't an option for me. I was immediately admitted to the hospital and they put me on Magnesium and all kinds of other medicines to try to stop the labor. I was in L&D for 12 days and they took me off Magnesium around day 8. They moved me to a different part of the hospital to stay on monitored bedrest. I remained mostly stable except for one night I had a few bad contractions and they said it was because I was dehydrated. They discharged me last Friday after being there 51 days. I'm now 30 weeks and at home on bedrest until I deliver. The doctors also said that if I go into labor anytime from now on they won't try to stop it because I'm so far along.

    I can tell you now that 8-10 weeks ago, making 30 weeks was soo far away. I had all the faith in the world that my baby wasn't going to make an appearance before now and still believe I have at least a few more weeks left. All of the doctors and nurses all said to me that they just knew he was coming that first week. 24 weeks is the first milestone and the next is 28 weeks. It's going to be a scary ride but just stay positive and do everything they say.

    I've only had the progesterone shot and take Procardia every 6 hours.

  • Thank you all for responding, it's with your support that I know I can make it through this.

    ER Mommy,  yes, they said they are going to give me the steroid shots next week at 24 weeks.

    My fear with the terb pump is the link to autism, i have been researching this and it keeps coming up.  Anyone else hear of this? Ije 

  • Hello and welcome. Sorry you have to be here. I think it's safe to say you'll find good support among these ladies.

    My cervix went from 3.5 at 18 weeks to the mid-2's by 25 weeks, followed by PTL that led to a nearly 3 week hospitalization and my cervix going to 1.0 with more funneling. Also about 1cm dilated. My doctors also decided on no cerclage. I've transitioned from a magnesium drip to oral nifedipine and have been on bedrest since 25weeks 5 days. I am happy to report that I'm now 34 weeks 4 days and baby is still cooking! Any activity I do causes contractions and pelvic pressure. Bedrest has indeed worked in my situation and I hope it is the same for you.

    Regarding the terb, I had one or more shots of terb every day I was in the hospital due to flurries of contractions. The side effects are unpleasant, but it did get better over time. I would advocate for you discussing your terb concerns further with your doctor. Ask him/her about other medication options (if they really feel a tocolytic is necessary).

    Wishing you many weeks of uneventful bedrest and a happy, healthy LO. 

  • imageViolet_McPurpleson:

    Most Dr.'s won't do a cerclage after 20 weeks, because the risks can outweigh the benefits. 

    Unless you find a rockstar like my doc. The published guideline is actually 24 weeks but as stated there are few that will do one after 20.
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