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How you chose your OBGYN

It has been a VERY stressful week.

My sister (who her & I both) go to the same doctor.  My sister gave birth last week and the doctor/hospital messed up her morphine after her csection.

I've decided to change hospitals/Dr after the big mix up.  Plus that Dr was far from my home so it's probably working out the best.

Question did you chose your OBGYN?  I hope to try and go natural and know that is something important to me.  I don't want a doctor who jumps to csections too quickly or pushes drugs.  Anyone else feel this way as well?  How do you approach this when going through the lists of your in-network doctors?  Can you ask to meet with a doctor prior to an exam?


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Re: How you chose your OBGYN

  • I've been going to a GYN clinic at H's hospital for a few years (I'm examined by an RNP for my annual exams).  On Monday, I called the clinic to make an appt and they matched me up with an OB who my RNP works with.  I didn't really get to pick.  If I don't like her, I might try to switch to someone else, but I don't want to spill our secret and ask for recommendations from friends just yet.
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  • I am picturing scenes form the movie Knocked Up right about now.  I am using my sisters OB and he is wonderful.  Sorry I don't have any real advice on this one.
  • I moved to a different city when I moved in with my now DH and needed a new OBGYN.  My mom suggested I see the doctor she saw, he had an office near her and near me.  So I made an appointment and have been loving him ever since.  He's the best doctor I've ever had and would follow him if he ever changed practices. 

    Ask around work, friends, family & see who they go to.  

  • When I was TTC my son I went through 3 doctors before I found one I was comfortable with. My PCP is the one who recommended the one I finally stuck with.

    Maybe you can ask your PCP as well as friends, family, and work mates. 


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  • I got lucky, my MIL is a retired midwife. I've been seeing a PA in the office she worked in for years. I already know most of the staff and my MIL recommended the midwife she would prefer I use. So I figure she wouldn't steer me wrong and I'm going to see who she recommended.
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  • After my last visit to a traditional OBGYN (nightmare, did 2 paps b/c she "forgot something" (!?) thought she felt a lump and freaked me out and sent me for a mammogram even though the people at the radiologist thought it was crazy and said they usually do ultrasounds on breast lumps in people under 25) I decided to go to a Birth and Wellness Center where I see Midwives and RNs. They're the only center like that in the area, so once I decided I didn't want to go to a traditional OBGYN it was an easy decision.
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  • Thanks for your input everyone!
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