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Killer cramps!

I was kind of hoping for symptoms and here they are! Bad cramps (on just one side) and exhaustion. I wanted to take a nap today at 3pm but DD didn't feel the same way. When DH got home from work I went to bed for a 2 hour nap, okay I have to go back to bed now   ::yawn:: 

Just wondering - I was having some cramping last week but this is pretty sharp pains just on the right side....(I don't think it's round ligament pain b/c its constant) Anyone else having this?

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Re: Killer cramps!

  • I had some really sharp pains on my right side that shot down into my leg and dr. said its either an ovarian cyst or early RLP. Hope that helps a little. I would call the DR and ask if it could be a cyst, especially because its not going away and is on one side only.
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  • elisbuelisbu member
    I'd call my doc just to be safe.

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  • I had cramps pretty constantly through the past few weeks. They were pretty strong, too. It totally could be RLP's, mine were like that.
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  • I would also call the dr.  I don't believe the cramps should be severe and especially not one side as that could be a sign of ectopic.  If I were you I'd call the dr just to be safe.  Best of luck
  • mine were on the left for a couple of weeks, and the doctor was worried (then I scared myself into worrying about ectopic)...she rushed me in and everything was perfect. She agreed with my theory that since I ovulated from that side (plus a little action through that tube) I could just be a little sore.  All that stretching too! Everyone always told me pregnancy was awesome because you have no period....hmmmffft.
  • Thanks ladies. I know it's not eptopic b/c I had an u/s last week and everything is right where it's suppossed to be :)

    The cramps have been gone since I woke up so I'll call if it happens again......

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