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1st night unswaddled!!

Thank you ladies SO much for all of the advice from my post the other day about trying to get Emma to sleep unswaddled.  We decided to stick to our guns and, after several days of transitioning from one arm free to both arms out, she's sleeping tonight in just a sleepsack!!  I'm SO excited!  I have one sleepsack question though.  I bought the size large - she's 19lbs 6 oz.  I think the sizing on it is from 22lbs and up.  I was afraid she'd be out of the medium too fast and was hoping that it might shrink a little in the wash.  It seems pretty huge though.  Should I get a medium as well, or is it ok for it to be somewhat big??
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Re: 1st night unswaddled!!

  • Woohoo!!! 

    I think the sleep sack being large is ok unless you think she might like the snugness of the smaller.  I always thought it was good to have them a little bigger so they could move around better.  I think it's a personal preference thing.

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