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Stash help for a newbie

I am planning on cloth diapering our new little one. I did not CD my first son. I plan on using disposables during the NB phase and starting with cloth when he is around 8lbs. I currently have 6 Grobaby shells and inserts and 2 size medium dream-eze fitteds. Can you ladies help me decide what else I should get. I would like to keep cost down if possible. Also, we will be cloth diapering part-time, as daycare (3 days a week) will not use them. So I'm considering:

Flips covers and organic inserts / prefolds (or thirsies duo wraps) 

 BG 3.0 (the deals are so good right now, although I'm not sold on pocket diapers)

Kawaii diapers

Any ideas/input on what would make a well rounded stash that is DH friendly and not too pricey? I have to admit that CD does scare me and at times I wonder what I've gotten myself into. I really want to use whatever is easiest/closest to disposables. Thanks! 



Re: Stash help for a newbie

  • I actually just started CDing within the past week so I will give you my opinions but take them with a grain of salt. DD is only 6 weeks old and about 10lbs.

     I bought an entire Live GroBaby set (12 shells 24 soakers) thinking that this was the only system that I would use. These are not the best system for small babies. I do like them but they are too big for her and I will have to wait a while to use them with the soakers. What I have been doing in the mean time is putting in either a gCloth insert or a indian cotton premie prefold. This makes the dipes much less bulky and fit a little baby. One thing about the GroBaby that I don't like is that the soakers do not have a fleece liner so LO will feel wet more so than with other types.

    I have found that we really like pockets. Our favorites so far are Rumparoos. The have a very soft fleece liner and an extra leg gusset to keep that BF liquid poop in.

    I prestuff the pockets and grobabies so that all DH has to do is pick out a dipe and it is ready to go just like a sposie.

    Hope some of this helps!

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  • You might be surprised about what your dh likes. Mine only wants GMD pre folds with a snappy and lite wrap.
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  • Thanks ladies! 
  • If your near Norwich, CT Pappose is a great local store, we used to also have Papaya patch in West Hartford but sadly they closed. BUT Pappose has swaps every few months where you can buy the diapers used to help keep costs down. 90% of my stash is used diapers and my actual total cost was only $100 plus I bartered for 10 BGs and they retailed for my barter as another $100.


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