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Wow, that hit home.

over the past few weeks, i've been slowly cleaning and re-organizing my house.  i have baskets in my hall for collecting stuff to be donated/sold.  i was just going through them and found:

my fertility stuff:  cbefm, sticks, ovulation thermometer, supplements, preseed

leftover ivf drugs

my maternity clothes

newborn clothes


i'm not closing the door forever, but i've been feeling lately that our family is complete.  still, seeing all those things is like seeing chapters of my life.   so many years on ttc, pregnancy, babies.  it has defined the past 5 years for me.

well, here's to looking ahead!

ETA: the fact that my 30th is looming doesn't help this feeling!

Re: Wow, that hit home.

  • ((hugs))

    You have two fabulously beautiful lil' girls.  :)  

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  • Aw, that IS hard. Let yourself feel it, grieve it or memorialize it, let it go or embrace it...((hugs))

    Cheers to new memories!

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  • 2 is a great number to move on to a new chapter with. Says the lady with 2 kids :o)
  • I'm not as far postpartum as you are but I feel you. ((hugs)) I am happy with the two I have. I have days where I know I don't want more, but I'm sad to think I won't be pg again (even tho I didn't love every second of my pregnancies) and even more so that I might not give birth again. It's a hard, hard decision and I don't know if/when I can say I'm done.
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  • You went through so much to get your two is understandable for you to be conflicted.

    But you do have two beautiful babies!  And two is a good number.  My MIL said that any more than that and they begin to out number you.  This way there is one adult per child when you do something crazy like take them to a crowded zoo or amusement park.

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